Graduate Admission

Graduate studies last one year and are worth 60 ECTS which allows for 300 ECTS cumulative with undergraduate academic program worth. The admission deadline is in June-July and September.

Study Program: Port Management.

Requirements for Graduate studies admission are following:

  • 240 ECTS from undergraduate academic program,
  • Serbian language certificate or successfully completed Serbian language entrance exam in front of the Faculty Committee.

Additional Requirements

Our students can enroll in graduate academic program without the entrance exam while for the other students there will be an evaluation of compatibility between undergraduate programs. The Science Education Council will make a recommendation following the same transfer procedure. The decision defines the number of additional exams, if needed, and the deadlines for their completion, which can last only by the end of the first semester.

The admission committee will particularly evaluate the previous research scientific work such as: work in research organizations, the publications at student meetings, participation and leadership in scientific projects, as well as publishing scientific reports and proceedings. The research work will be evaluated on the scale from 1-5 and added to the average score from previous undergraduate degree. The Admission’s Office will use the undergraduate average and add the points obtained by the Committee, to form a rank list. Top 25 applicants are eligible for the program.