Undergraduate or vocational studies student who has begun or completed the undergraduate or vocational studies or a person who lost the student status can enroll again, or transfer to the undergraduate academic program. There is no the application deadline for transfer students. Transfer students can start at the beginning of the school year or the beginning of the semester, case to case basis. On the first school year, students can transfer only at the beginning of the second semester. The Science Education Council of the Faculty will make decision on the resemblance with the previous academic program before recommending the transfer approval.

The following study programs are available:

  • Nautics,
  • Ship Engineering.

Admission procedure for transfer students is:

  • The applicant should submit the transfer request,
  • The transcripts will be added to the transfer request,
  • Upon the request, Dean will assemble the Science Education Council to make the comparison and determine the resemblance between programs,
  • Based on the Science Educational Council’s recommendation, Dean will finalize the proposal,
  • Based on The Science Education Council’s recommendation Dean will make a decision regarding the validated exams, exams difference, and, the academic year student can enroll in,
  • Written decision consists of the validated exams, with grades, in table form, students will get the copy of the decision.

The following documents are required:

  • Transcript,
  • Serbian language certificate or successfully completed Serbian language entrance exam in front of the Faculty Committee,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Filled ŠV (ШВ) forms,
  • Evidence of payment of tuition fees.